Financial Advisor Ronald Radner is currently registered with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. in Delray Beach, FL, since 2019, and he was previously registered with Edward Jones (2011 to 2019) in Delray Beach, FL. He has disclosed three customer disputes according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Brokercheck disclosures on his record.

A Financial Advisor Magazine (FA-mag.com) article in 2017 entitled Firm Does What FINRA Won’t: Rates 30 Worst Brokerage Firms, where the Securities Litigation & Consulting Group had performed an analysis finding that only 2.6% of brokers (at firms of more than 200 brokers) have any customer complaints.

Raymond James Lawsuit: Allegations of Investment-Related Misconduct

Mr. Radner’s FINRA Brokercheck reflects allegations that include unsuitable investment recommendations, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, etc. One customer dispute was denied, one settled, and one remains pending.

Financial advisors must be properly supervised by firms like Raymond James. Brokerage firms owe a duty to investor clients to properly supervise and monitor their employees. Supervisory responsibilities on the part of the firms are a critical component of the securities regulatory scheme. Firms and supervisors cannot ignore red flags and they have responsibilities to detect and prevent improper activity.
As noted in NASD NTM 03-49, brokerage firm supervisory systems are a basic component of self-regulation within the securities industry. An effective brokerage firm supervisory system plays an essential role in the prevention of sales practice and other abuses and, thus, enhances investor protection and market integrity. It is essential that firms monitor the regulatory histories of their associated persons and establish additional measures to supervise the activities of those associated persons with greater potential of creating customer harm.

Seek Compensation for Your Investment Losses

Raymond James continues to employs Mr. Radner, and by doing so Raymond James may be putting public investors at potential risk of improper securities sales practices.

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