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Investment fraud is a growing problem in Indiana, threatening the financial stability of many hard-working people. Did you know there are about 49 experienced investment fraud attorneys in this state ready to shield your rights? Our article today helps you understand how these proficient and knowledgeable legal professionals can protect your interests and enhance your chances of retrieving lost money.

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Read on to meet some of Indiana’s leading attorneys who specialize in investment fraud cases.

Key Takeaways

  • Investment fraud is a serious problem in Indiana that can lead to significant financial losses for hard-working people.
  • There are experienced investment fraud attorneys in Indiana who specialize in protecting the rights of victims and helping them recover their lost money.
  • These attorneys understand securities laws, which are rules and regulations that govern the buying, selling, and trading of stocks and other investments.
  • By hiring an experienced investment fraud attorney, victims can maximize their chances of receiving compensation and hold those responsible accountable.

What is Investment Fraud?

Investment fraud refers to deceptive practices in the financial industry where individuals or entities misrepresent information, make false promises, or engage in illegal activities to defraud investors and obtain their money.


Investment fraud is a trick used to steal money. It can be an act where false facts are given about an investment. Or it could be when key details are left out on purpose. There are many forms like Ponzi schemes or stockbroker scams.

These tricks fool people into putting their hard-earned cash into bad investments. This type of deceit often leads to big losses for the investor. It’s serious and against the law! So, help from trained lawyers is needed in such cases to fight back legally.

Types of Investment Fraud

Investment fraud can take many forms, and it’s important to be aware of the different types. One common type is Ponzi schemes, where new investors’ money is used to pay off older investors.

Another type is insider trading, which occurs when someone uses non-public information to make trades for personal gain. There are also pump-and-dump schemes, where false information is spread about a company to artificially inflate its stock price before the fraudster sells their shares.

Other types of investment fraud include pyramid schemesaffinity fraud (targeting specific groups), and fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs). It’s crucial to stay informed and vigilant to protect yourself from these types of scams that can result in significant financial loss.

Importance of Hiring an Experienced Investment Fraud Attorney

Hiring an experienced investment fraud attorney is crucial for protecting your rights, understanding securities laws, and maximizing your chances for compensation.

Protecting Your Rights

Having an experienced investment fraud attorney is crucial for protecting your rights. They understand the intricacies of securities laws and can advocate for you throughout the legal process.

With their expertise, they can help maximize your chances of receiving compensation for any losses incurred due to investment fraud. It’s important to remember that investment fraud cases involve complex financial matters, so having a skilled lawyer on your side ensures that your rights are safeguarded every step of the way.

Understanding Securities Laws

Securities laws are rules and regulations that govern the buying, selling, and trading of stocks, bonds, and other investment securities. These laws help protect investors from fraudulent activities and ensure transparency in the financial markets.

It is crucial to understand these laws when dealing with investment fraud cases because they provide a legal framework for seeking compensation and holding wrongdoers accountable. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the government agency responsible for enforcing these laws at the federal level.

In addition to federal securities laws, each state has its own set of regulations that must be followed. By working with an experienced investment fraud attorney who understands securities laws, you can maximize your chances of obtaining justice and recovering your losses.

Maximizing Your Chances for Compensation

Having an experienced investment fraud attorney by your side can greatly maximize your chances of receiving compensation. These attorneys specialize in navigating complex securities laws and regulations, ensuring that your rights as an investor are protected.

They have a deep understanding of how to build a strong case against those responsible for the investment fraud, increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

For example, law firms like Haselkorn & Thibaut have decades of experience representing investors in securities fraud cases with significant success rates in recovering funds.

investment fraud lawyer

Top Investment Fraud Attorneys in Indiana

Haselkorn & Thibaut, a distinguished law firm, has carved its niche in aggressively fighting for the rights of investor clients, particularly in the realm of investment fraud. With a rich history and a plethora of cases that resonate with various client situations, they have become a beacon of hope for many who have found themselves entwined in investment fraud cases.

A Legacy of Success in Investment Fraud Cases

  • Hardworking Family Recovers Funds: A family, after being defrauded of almost 90% of their investable assets by a once-trustworthy financial advisor, managed to recover several million dollars of investable assets with the strategic approach of Haselkorn & Thibaut.
  • Family Recovers Inheritance: A family, unknowingly invested in a Ponzi scheme, achieved a multimillion-dollar recovery through the firm’s substantial research and aggressive strategy.
  • Retired Couple Rescued: An elderly couple, misled into frequent trading of unsuitable bonds, obtained a substantial recovery with the firm’s thorough review and analysis.

Ensuring a Future Free from Financial Exploitation

  • CPA and New Advisor Collaboration: A CPA, noticing peculiar investment losses and referring the client to the firm, resulted in the client enjoying a substantial recovery of investment losses after a thorough investigation.
  • Rescuing a Widow with Dementia: A widow, suffering from dementia, was assisted by the firm, her new CPA, and her financial advisor to recover substantial investable assets after being misled into unsuitable investments by a former advisor.
  • Protecting a Woman’s Retirement Investments: A client, after being recommended unsuitable energy sector investments by a former advisor, managed to recoup a large percentage of her losses with the firm’s help.

Your Path to Financial Recovery Starts Here

Haselkorn & Thibaut, your Indiana Investment Fraud Lawyer, not only brings to the table a wealth of experience but also a compassionate approach to dealing with clients who have faced financial deceit and loss. They stand firm in ensuring that each case, unique in its circumstances, is handled with utmost diligence and strategic planning to pave the way towards financial recovery and justice. If you find yourself or someone you know entwined in a similar situation, do not hesitate to reach out and take that pivotal step towards recovery and safeguarding your financial future.

If you have been a victim of investment fraud in Indiana, it is important to seek legal help from highly experienced attorneys who specialize in these cases. They can protect your rights, navigate securities laws, and increase your chances of receiving compensation.

With top investment fraud attorneys available in Indiana, like Haselkorn & Thibaut, you don’t have to face this alone – seek the assistance that you deserve. Call 1-800-856-3352 for a free consultation.


1. What does an Indiana Investment Fraud Attorney do?

An Indiana Investment Fraud Attorney is a lawyer who helps victims of stockbroker fraud and investment scams in Indianapolis. They are proficient in securities arbitration and FINRA rules.

2. Who can use the services of an Indiana Investment Fraud Lawyer?

Institutional investors, as well as individuals who suspect they’ve fallen victim to a Ponzi scheme or other forms of fraud, can hire an investment fraud lawyer for protection and legal help.

3. Can I consult with a Securities Fraud Lawyer before investing?

Absolutely! Before you invest your money, it’s wise to take advantage of attorney consultation services offered by many securities attorneys for safer financial decisions.

4. Are all cases handled through Securities Arbitration?

No, not all cases require securities arbitration under AAA rules; some may involve going before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or dealing with other white-collar crime law issues.

5. Do these lawyers only deal with fraud defense?

Fraud defense is indeed part of their work, but securities attorneys also handle investor protection matters ensuring clients’ rights aren’t violated during any financial transactions.

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