Triad Advisor Dan Wagner Subject to $100K Complaint

Dan Wagner (CRD# 2867278), a respected financial advisor with a gold-standard 26-year history in South Carolina, has been swimming in some murky waters lately. According to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s records, Wagner faced an investor complaint recently. Despite sitting as a broker with Arkadios Capital, an investment advisor with Wealth Management Advisors, and the head of Wagner Wealth Management, he has had to grapple with this damaging allegation that has the potential to upend his career as the kingpin of financial management in Greenville.

Picture this: you hire an advisor to guide you through the dance of investing, only to find yourself off-beat, losing assets instead of padding your wealth. Such seems to be the case with the investor who lodged a complaint in June 2023. According to the complaint, Wagner, as a representative of Triad Advisors, apparently stepped on the investor’s figurative toes by recommending a direct investment that resulted in around $100,000 in damages.

Roll the clock back to 2009, and another mark against Dan Wagner appears. Whilst with the UVest Financial Services Group, he allegedly plied an investor with an enticing tune about a variable annuity investment, only to gloss over the thorny risks shrouded in the fine print. However, somewhat like a disgruntled dinner guest changing their mind about their order, this complaint was withdrawn, leaving the alleged $82,500 damage bill on the cutting room floor.

Again wading into the annals of 2007, a similar curtain-raiser mists over Wagner’s record. Also, during his tenure with UVest Financial Services Group, it seems Wagner, being the maestro, composed yet another discordant symphony involving a variable annuity. He allegedly hit a false note by not disclosing the associated fees and other details, resulting in an estimated dent of $15,200 to an investor’s pocketbook. The firm closed this complaint without action, like a plot twist that leaves the audience longing for resolution.

So, what can we glean from this series of unfortunate allegations that have engulfed Wagner, who until now appeared as steady as a rock in the sea of investment management? It is a bit like watching a film noir – with every twist and turn of the plot; we look deeper into the shadows of a once-trusted character. Will Wagner slalom his way out of these troubles, or will he falter at the next gate?

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