Death Penalty a Possibility for LPL Affiliated Pence Wealth Mgt. Employee Facing a Murder Charge

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26 years old Ramy Fahim, who worked for the Newport Beach, California, based Pence Wealth Management, an affiliate of LPL Financial, has been charged with murder. He is stated to have murdered his Pence colleague Griffin Cuomo and Jonathan Bahm, a roommate of Cuomo, both 23 years old, inside an apartment in Anaheim, California, according to CBS Los Angeles.

District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a statement cited by the news network, “These young men were just starting to live out their dreams and find their places in the world. But an intruder who stalked them and then slashed them to death in their own home interrupted those dreams.”

The Charges

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Two counts of murder with two enhancements each; lying in wait, personal use of a deadly weapon and multiple murders, are faced by Fahim as per the news network. The multiple murder and the lying in wait charges could result in a death penalty for Fahim, CBS cited the Orange County District Attorney’s office while reporting.

The motive for the murders, however, is yet to be released by the authorities, as per CBS. Further, currently incarcerated without bail, the 6th of May has been set as the arraignment date for Fahim.

Other Information

Responding to calls about a possible case of assault, police officers, on reaching their apartment, found Bahm and Cuomo dead when they reached. Fahim, injured, was also there. A knife, believed to have been the weapon used, was later recovered by the authorities. Fahim was placed under arrest by homicide detectives.

According to their LinkedIn profiles, while Cuomo was a marketing and media assistant at Pence, Fahim’s role was that of a research assistant at the firm.

A Pence statement said, “The financial professionals affiliated with PWM are registered with and offer securities and investment advisory services through LPL Financial.”

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