Florida Seniors Swindled Of $300M In 2023: FBI Reports Fraud

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Many Florida seniors face a big problem: losing money to scams. In 2023, fraudsters tricked them out of $300 million. This blog post breaks down the types of scams, like internet crime and romance scams, showing you how deep the issue goes.

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Key Takeaways

  • In 2023, scammers stole $300 million from Florida seniors through different types of fraud like investment scams, tech support tricks, and fake romance.
  • The FBI recorded 8,138 cases of elder fraud in Florida, making it the state with the second highest number of reports. Seniors lost more money than in the previous year to these scams.
  • Investment fraud was a huge problem, costing seniors over $90 million. Scammers promised big returns but took everything instead.
  • Tech support scams fooled seniors into paying over $51 million to fix computer problems that didn’t exist.
  • Romance scams also hurt Florida seniors by taking more than $40 million from people looking for love online.

Breakdown of Losses


Florida seniors fell victim to various types of scams, resulting in substantial financial losses. These included investment fraud, tech support fraud, and romance scams leading to significant monetary harm.

Investment fraud

Investment fraud hit Florida seniors hard, costing them over $90 million. This crime involves Ponzi schemes where money from new investors pays off earlier ones. It also covers pyramid schemes, market manipulation, and fake opportunities in real estate and trust-based investing.

Criminals tricked elders into putting their savings into these scams, leading to huge financial losses.

Scammers used sophisticated tactics to make their lies seem real. They promised high returns with low risk to lure seniors into the trap of investment scams. Once involved, many found it impossible to get their money back.

Next up are tech support scams that continue deceiving people out of their hard-earned cash.

Tech support fraud

Moving from investment fraud, another major issue hits Florida seniors hard: tech support scams. Scammers trick seniors into believing their computers have serious problems. Then they ask for money to fix these non-existent issues.

In 2023, this tactic cost more than $51 million in Florida alone. Across the United States, the total reached a staggering $1.3 billion.

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) plays a key role in tracking these crimes. They collect complaints and work to stop the criminals behind these schemes. Sadly, well-organized criminal groups often run tech support scams.

They use phone calls or online messages to reach their victims. Once contacted, they lie about viruses or malware to scare people into paying up. This type of elder fraud shows just how ruthless scammers can be toward vulnerable seniors.

Romance scams

Florida seniors lost over $40 million to online romance scams in 2023. Criminals target them on internet platforms, pretending to be interested in a romantic relationship. Once trust is built, they ask for money for emergencies or travel plans to meet in person.

Seniors, hoping for love, send cash but the scammer disappears.

Authorities such as Rodney Crawford, who is a special agent in charge, warn against sharing personal information online. They also stress being cautious with whom seniors connect on social media and dating sites.

The FBI aims to fight these crimes by tracking down the fraudsters behind these heartless acts.

Next up: Impact of Fraud on Florida Seniors

Impact of Fraud on Florida Seniors


Florida seniors suffer devastating consequences such as foreclosed homes, emptied retirement accounts, and tragically, suicide due to being defrauded. Their lives are upended by the financial losses incurred from investment fraud, tech support fraud, and romance scams.

Consequences such as foreclosed homes, emptied retirement accounts, and suicide

Many Florida seniors face dire consequences, including losing their homes due to foreclosure, finding their retirement accounts drained of funds, and tragically resorting to suicide.

These devastating effects result from falling victim to various scams such as investment fraud and tech support fraud which prey on vulnerable individuals. The impact is severe and far-reaching, causing significant financial and emotional distress for the targeted seniors.

The aftermath of these fraudulent activities often leaves Florida’s elderly population grappling with the loss of their most valuable assets – their homes and life savings. As a result, many find themselves in desperate situations that can lead to drastic measures like taking their own lives.

It’s a heartbreaking reality stemming from the schemes designed to exploit and defraud unsuspecting seniors.

FBI Reports and Response

The FBI received numerous reports of fraud against Florida seniors in 2023 and has seen an increase in reported losses from the previous year. The agency is committed to pursuing the fraudsters behind these criminal schemes.

Number of reports received

The FBI received 8,138 reports of elder fraud in Florida in 2023. Florida is the second-highest state for elder fraud reports, with California leading at 11,622 reports and Texas following with around 7,000 reports.

Increase in reported losses from 2022

Reported losses from fraudulent schemes in 2023 showed a significant rise as compared to the previous year, with a nearly 11% increase in reported losses from 2022. Individuals over the age of 60 were particularly affected, collectively losing approximately $3.4 billion to various types of fraud.

This surge in financial exploitation highlights the urgent need for enhanced protective measures and law enforcement efforts to safeguard vulnerable demographics against deceptive practices.

Heading into the next section on “Commitment to pursuing fraudsters,” it’s crucial to address this growing concern and its implications for both seniors and law enforcement agencies.

Commitment to pursuing fraudsters

The FBI is resolute in pursuing fraudsters who target older Americans, with a strong commitment to seeking justice. You can report crimes targeting seniors by contacting the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324), filing a complaint with IC3, or submitting a tip on the FBI’s website.

These efforts aim to combat marketing scams, mail fraud, wire fraud, and dismantle criminal organizations preying on vulnerable individuals.


Florida seniors fell victim to various fraud schemes, resulting in staggering losses of $300 million in 2023. The FBI reported over $90 million lost to investment fraud, more than $51 million to tech support scams, and over $40 million in romance scams.

These malicious acts have deeply impacted the lives of Florida seniors, with devastating consequences such as foreclosed homes, emptied retirement accounts, and even suicide. The FBI has received over 8,000 reports of elder fraud in Florida alone and is determined to pursue those responsible for preying on older Americans.


1. What happened to Florida seniors in 2023?

Florida seniors lost $300 million due to fraud, as reported by the FBI.

2. How did the scammers trick the seniors?

Scammers used clever tricks and lies to convince the seniors to give them money.

3. Was any evidence recorded on body cams?

Yes, some scams were caught on body cams, showing how the fraudsters operated.

4. Can anything be done to help those affected by fraud?

People are working hard to find and stop the scammers and help seniors get their money back.

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