GPB Capital Investigation Alarms Investors


Investors of GPB Capital continue to worry about their investments after the raid by the FBI and the State Massachusett’s investigation. GPB Capital Funds are private placement investments which are supposed to be available to investors who have a $1 million net worth or more. With the help of retail investors, they have raised over 1.3 billion since 2013 via its GPB Automotive Portfolio and GPB Holdings II funds.

Investment News has reported several GPB Capital lawsuits and claims from investors. Many investors are claiming fraud and have filed claims with brokers who sold them the investments. The primary issue with investors is that many were seeking conservative income while the actual investment was very risky.

In addition, allegations are being made that financial advisors sold GPB Capital funds because it paid an 8% commission. This is incredibly high for the industry. It is estimated that brokers received more than $100 million in commissions.

History of GPB Capital Investigation

One of the concerning issues with GPB Capital is the series of lawsuits by partners and other issues.

  • In July of 2017 GPB Capital sued its former business partner for reneging on the sale of auto dealerships;
  • In August of 2018 GPB Capital failed to produce audited statements;In November of 2018 GPB auditor resigns citing risks;
  • In 2018 FINRA and SEC start investigations;
  • In 2019 GPB Capital offices were raided by the FBI.

If you invested in GPB Funds and have questions, please call the at 1 (800) 856-3352 for a no cost consultation. No Recovery, no fee.

How Investors Can Recover Losses From GPB Capital

Most investors are unaware of losses by GPB Capital until they try to sell them. This is because they are private placements and this makes it very difficult to liquidate because there is not a stock exchange where investments are publicly traded daily.

The best choice and fastest way for investors to recover losses is to file a claim with their broker. Although complicated, an investment law firm can easily navigate the processes and help investors recover funds. This is because individual brokers, licensed under the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) are required to follow various rules, regulations, and laws when they recommend an investment product.

Haselhorn and Thibaut, P.A., a law firm that specializes in investment fraud, is currently investigating claims. Investors are encouraged to call 1 (888) 628-5590 for a free no obligation review of their situation.

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