How to Recover Losses from Investment Fraud?

investment fraud

It is a well-known fact that when you lose your assets to investment fraud that recovering them is tough but not impossible. However, there are legal ways by which you can recover all your lost assets at little costs from investment fraud attorneys. The stockholders can file a settlement claim or even request conciliation via FINRA, which looks after such disputes involving brokerage firms and brokers. It is critical that the suspected act in a claim has taken place within 6 years. FINR Arbitration can be a cheaper, rapid, and a hassle-free option to recover the lost money and not go to the court.

It is recommended that you hire a legal representative who will take up your case throughout the conciliation and arbitration procedures while providing your advice and direction. Hiring a competent and professional investment fraud lawyer like Haselkorn and Thibaut will help you understand your options.  Often consulting with a qualified investment fraud lawyer is the only step required that you need to take to recover your losses.

Recently, Haselkorn and Thibaut has been investigating UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy.  Conservative investors were alledgely sold investments that were high risk.  Investors have lost a substantial amount of their principal.   Cases like this are very complex, but are an example of how a specialised securities fraud attorney can help recover losess.

The entire securities and law of investment are wide-ranging with many rules, regulations, and laws. These arbitration procedures require stockholders to take their cases to FINRA, and the legal actions are generally very complicated. Usually, it is suggested that you need to select an attorney who is experienced in both the court litigation and FINRA arbitration to be of ultimate help for you.

Experienced Investment Fraud Lawyer

A specialized investment fraud attorney keeps the practice of such cases and claims and is familiar with all processes that can help you. The most crucial step is to review all your documents which check the credibility of the claim and further helps break down all deadlines for the claim. Next, they help you decide if you should file a case in FINRA arbitration or the court of law. An expert attorney will help you through the process of explaining all the methods and information that are necessary for you and from you to help your case.

At Haselkorn & Thibaut we have handled innumerable such cases which involved misrepresentation, securities arbitration, breach of trust claims, negligence, etc. and have won all the cases. If you believe there is investment fraud, then contact a professional attorney who will guide you through and also help you claim the lost asset to be recovered.

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